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Furniture Import and Export Agents
Time:2010-7-29 11:53:38

    WUHAN ZTOP TRADING CO.,LTD, professional to provided you with a full range of import and export agency services by flexible and diverse forms of cooperation, we have a Credit in good condition on bank , fairly stable and understanding to meet the SAFE, customs, commodity inspection bureau, professional customs company, and major shipping companies. If you find direct sellers and buyers at home and abroad, and are looking for the best export agent, please contact us and we will be your best choice.
    Import agents: to provide policy advice of imports, to help our customers do preparatory work, signing contracts, issuing letters of credit, charter booking of shipping arrangements, tariff development, preparation of trade documents, for bills of lading, customs declaration, inspection, nuclear tax, tax, do commodity inspection, with verification, delivery and delivery to the designated place of all services.
    Export agent: to provide professional advice exports, international business negotiations, translation, signing export contracts, agent certificate required for the export, import and export permits, issued letters of credit, procurement, documentary, preparation of various export trade documents, inspection, customs clearance, international transportation and insurance arrangements, settlement procedures for handling negotiation, agent import and export tax rebate, to help at home and abroad to visit the complete set of "one-stop" agency services.

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