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Textiles Import and Export Agents
Time:2010-7-29 11:46:03

    WUHAN ZTOP TRADING CO.,LTD is a  independent import and export companies, approvaled by Foreign Trade, Customs General Administration  in China Industry and Commerce Administration, the National Tax Register. For the foreign exchange index, our company according to national foreign trade agency management to the relevant provisions, especially for traders and manufacturers of goods and technology import and export proxy receipt, verification, customs clearance, commodity inspection, transportation, apply for the certificate of origin,ect.

    In the foreign trade agent of import / export the carpet  agency business, we provide sign the contract , examine the letter of credit, charter booking ,export commodity inspection (inspection for one) , the export declaration,making& checking the negotiation documents , AC single negotiation, receipts,cancel after verification,tax refund,ect. In case of large or usance letter of credit to provide credit financing.

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